Letter 7: From Mr. and Mrs. Samurai

Oh dear friends, you must forgive us for our slowness to write you these past few months. We trust that all is well with you and that our heavenly Father is making you to look more and more like his magnificent Son.

Oh we long for the day to stand before his glorious presence and see him as he is.

In the meantime we have had the opportunity to share the glorious gospel with those whom we came to reach. Oh how our hearts were filled with joy as we declared to them the precious reality of free grace as mediated and offered by the Son. And oh how our hearts still break for those who would delay and even deny the centrality of and need for Christ the Savior. Oh how we pray that the Lord of heaven and earth will turn their hearts from sin and cause them to embrace the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

So we implore you, our beloved ones, to pray for us, that the Lord will open our mouths to declare boldly and with great clarity the mystery of the gospel, the very reason for which we have left home and lands and all that seemed normal to us.

Cordially yours,

Mr. and Mrs. Samurai

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