Letter 5: To the Samurai’s (From Brian and Jenny)

Dear siblings,

We long to speak with you soon in any manner and by any means.  We think of you both quite often, and of the work of our Father amongst you by those two precious gifts that He has given to us in our elder brother and His indwelling communicator.  And as it is closing in on that most precious of seasons, a reality worthy of our daily celebration, we desire to speak to some of the jewels that were laid upon His train of flesh as an encouragement to us –

That He, being rich, became poor, so that by a sparkling poverty, He might make us rich.

That upon that train of flesh was the jewel of revelation, that of our Father.

Yes, upon that train was the jewel of light by which we might come to see the situation of our darkness, and then, suddenly, the splendor of His salvific face.

And what a jewel is this, that by this fleshly cloak, He identified with us in every way, that we might be renewed in every way.

Behold, this jewel radiantly shines – that He perfectly walked in our Father’s law for us.

And even the darkness of this day in history cannot overwhelm the brightness of the jewel of His time on the tree.

And how precious is the jewel of His victory, a certain vanquishing of all our enemies.

Oh, and also, how by this train of flesh, there is the jewel of His representation upon the throne in glorious places.

And what of our hope now as human beings?  How many jewels have we thus picked up and placed in the pocket of our heart?  And how brightly ought we also, then, shine?  Yes, His tabernacling graced us with this – and an endless horizon of ever-increasing splendors for this new race.  Let us celebrate this every day!  Let us consider the jewels that speak to His radiant glory.  Then, we will also shine even as He!

We love you both with a heart full of wondrous expectation during this season of His “tabernacling”,

Brian and Jenny


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