Letter 4: To the Samurai’s (From Brian and Jenny)

Dear brother and sister,

Our heart yearns for you in these days!  We have learned of our Dad’s wonderful providence in your lives and the lives of your loved ones.  He is meticulous!  And, oh, how we do believe that this is serving to make you like the Beloved!

Dear sister, Jenny spoke to me of your sojourn in that second Corinthian letter, particularly upon that third line, wherein our Dad is granted a fabulous title indeed!  He tells us that He is many things for us, none of them lacking in their own particular glory (that glory being eternal) – He is Sovereign, Lord, Savior, Counselor, Provider, Protector, Refuge, Rock, the Glorious One, the Self-Existent One, Judge, Creator, Light and Love, One who suffers long, extends grace, omnipotently livens, wounds and heals, kills and makes alive, brings calamity and deliverance, governs all things; yes, He is our Song, our Praise, our Hope, our All!  And in this third line, He is the “Dad of Mercies,” and the One of “all comfort.”

I do not intend an exposition, but only to cast the eyes of the both of you, yes, those eyes belonging to the soul, upon the beauty of that title – the Dad of mercies and the One of all comfort.  And there, especially upon this, that He is the One of “all” comfort.  And that we would rest thereupon that word “all.”  For when it is used in conjunction with “comfort” that combination implies a being of perfect remedy.  This is seen the more by some questions, hypothetical in nature: “Is this affliction too much for me?”  “Can I bear the consequences of this trial?”  “Will I cave under the weight of the enemies snares?”  “Is this suffering unique to me?”  “Indeed, why me?”  “Why now?”  “What possible good can come from this?”  “How will this be used by Him?”  “Will I swoon? and will I faint?”  To such as these and many more, and to such trial as you now possess and many more, He holds the remedy of “all comfort” in His fatherly and merciful hand.  Thus, take comfort!  Know that He will meet your suffering at every point with joy, your questions at every point with answers, the weightiness of your life with eagle’s wings, the crucible of trial with a refiner’s fire, the pain of tribulation with the gain of purifying grace, the tears with eternal joy; and bliss, I do remind you, eternal bliss – being by that notion “eternal” – is eternally ready to comfort you!  Oh, His glory cloud will come and fill your souls as He did the temple of Solomon, with such thickness that the priests could not stand to minister, and His presence will therein abide and move you to worship in the midst of it all.

He stands ready to comfort with “all comfort”!  We expect as much in the coming days!

With a love in Him that reaches over oceans,

Brian and Jenny


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