Letter 2: To the Samurai’s (From Brian and Jenny)

Beloved Mr. and Mrs. Samurai,

I have thought recently what it might mean for Dad to be our Refuge.  Thus, in asking the question, “what does it mean for Dad to be our Refuge?” I have come to the following refreshments:

First, that a refuge is a place, not away from toil and trial, but a safehouse in the midst of it.  And,

Secondly, that a refuge is a place where one is not only inclined, but engaged in rest and recharge.  And that these two things, rest and recharge, being afforded to us in this refuge, are gained by the exercise of communion, i.e., speaking with Dad and reading about Dad.  Thus, the one who toils and labors, and finds little spoil, and rather, much tribulation in this life, has yet this everlasting Refuge; wherein, the laborer can at last have rest in the Beloved, and as brother Paul would say, recharged with all of “His energy” (that is the energy of our Beloved Elder Brother) with which to continue toiling.  And being afforded such rest and recharge in Dad on account of the Beloved, that is, the freedom and energy that explodes within us as we speak with Him and read of Him, shall we not be comforted in all manner of labors and trials?  Shall we not rejoice in them all, knowing that the full expression of our Refuge is yet to come?  And does this not compel us to endure and to love all peoples with that news which adorns the humblest of feet with irresistible beauty?  Yes, let us then run to Dad, sprint, I say, to this Refuge; endure in the Beloved, and be always passionate for Him who hugged the tree for us!  Make it known!  Make it known!  And herein, Dad is smiling upon you both.  In the Refuge with you,

Brian and Jenny


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