Letter 16: To Mr. and Mrs. Samurai (From Chuck Anderson)

Dear Mr and Mrs Samurai,

I recently heard testimony at a community group meeting at my current ch-ch in Florida about two X-ian workers in an Islamic context in Europe. They have recently witnessed some new bptsms in a place where cnvrsns are rare and come with significant social consequences. So we were able to thank and praise Father for this. One of the things these workers mentioned, though, was how lonely and disconnected it can feel when you’re communication from home is limited to immediate family. They said they would love to hear from other friends and family from home and ch-ch. Through that, Father reminded me about how long it’s been since I’ve written to you.

I want you to know that I love you, that I miss being in community group with you, and that I am pr-ying for you. I am always excited to receive your newsletters. It fills me with joy to hear of the new brothers and bptsms you’re seeing. Father is clearly granting fruit in your labors. It is also very encouraging to hear that your team is growing. I am glad workers are joining you there. I am encouraged to hear that Father seems to be growing up a ch-ch right there around you.

And since you asked, there are a couple ways you can pr-y for me. First, I will be going with a group from my ch-ch for a week to assist and encourage some workers in Nicaragua. Please pr-y for the team and workers (Robbie and Murray Lathrop) we’ll be joining for the week. Also, there are several high school students going with the team, and I think it would be great to pr-y that Father would use the trip to motivate some or all of them to devote their lives to cross cultural X-ian work. Second, now that seminary is over, I am looking for full-time employment. Please pr-y that Father would help me find employment while I work with my ch-ch toward licensure. Also, I don’t want to waste the downtime while I’m unemployed.

Again, It’s always very good to receive your letters. I look forward to the next one! I love you. I’m pr-ying for you. I am convinced that Father, having begun this work in and around you, will continue to turn hearts toward Χρ and he will see it through to completion.

Your brother,

Chuck Anderson

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