Letter 13: To Mr. Samurai (From Brian)

Dear brother,

Father has put you upon my heart of late.  I confess my unfaithfulness to you in keeping up communion with you and with Him on your account.  Yet, I am glad that He is faithful when I am unfaithful, and that He delights to bring His saints to the minds of His children, so that they might be lifted up in holy conversation concerning them.  And, I cannot begin to express the adulation felt when remembering that contrary to my own impotency and carelessness, He is ever watchful, ever faithful, ever abounding in steadfast love, never failing to work omnipotently for your good; that against my limitedness, our Intercessor never closes His eyes, never ceases to plead, and to plead the merits of His infinitely worthy blood, to plead not only as a Son to a Father but as God to God, and thus we are assured that all that He has purchased and all that He has asked of the Father for you, the Father hears and answers “Yes and Amen, for You, My Son, are the Lamb, worthy of glory and honor and praise in your saints forever and ever.”

Thus, I trust that all of His good for you has come upon you according to the dispensation of His will, and that all you have to do is but know that this good [as it is but a foretaste of His sweetness] will only ever increase unto glory, and then in glory, yet all the more onto higher and greater vistas of Majesty and holy grandeur.  So Jonathan Edwards would remind us, “I suppose it will not be denied by any, that God, in glorifying the saints in heaven with eternal felicity, aims to satisfy his infinite grace or benevolence, by the bestowment of a good [which is] infinitely valuable, because eternal: and yet there never will come the moment, when it can be said, that now this infinitely valuable good has been actually bestowed,” and “our eternal rising into more and more of God will be a ‘rising higher and higher through that infinite duration, and . . . not with constantly diminishing [but perhaps an increasing] celerity [that is, velocity] . . . [to an] infinite height; though there never will be any particular time when it can be said already to have come to such a height.”  So Piper simplifies, “It will take an infinite number of ages for God to be done glorifying the wealth of his grace to us — which is to say he will never be done” [God’s Passion for His Glory, 37].

So, I have written to remind you of the Father’s faithfulness to do you good through Christ, and that that foretaste which you now experience is but the spring bud waiting unto full blossom, and that that full blossom will be a glorification that will consist of the immediate [unmediated] experience of the brightness and sweetness of God’s glory, always increasing in its intensity and dispensations unto you, wherein also consists your greatest good, that is, an ever increasing joy in His inexhaustible glory.

May our Father grant you all happiness, then, in Him, and produce in you by His Spirit the consequent holiness by which you shall daily commune with Him.

By His grace, endeavoring to be more faithful to you in prayer,

Your servant, brother, and friend,

Brian R. Mahon


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