Letter 1: From Mr. Samurai

Dear beloved friends,

The Lord is so gracious. In all of our many trials, we have found this to be true. The Lord knows what is best. Now sometimes I hear people say things like, “The Lord sent me these heavy trials because he knew exactly what I could handle.” But dear friends, I am more and more convinced that the Lord rarely sends me such trials because I am already strong and can handle such heavy burdens, but rather he sends them precisely because I am weak but am too often tempted to rely on myself (thinking I am so strong, deceiving myself) and now must learn to trust him more and more. Surely these piercing arrows are from the Lord. They are for my constant good, never aimed by him for my harm. But oh how I would prefer learn such discipline from a textbook or poem or nice and nifty cliche. Yet the Lord will have none of the such. He will form Christ in me, and that through fiery trials. So I will, by his grace, learn to put my hand over my mouth and say, in sweet adoration, “The Lord is good and does good. And no good thing does he withhold from those who wallk uprightly.”

May the Lord continue to advance his kingdom.

Cordially yours,

Mr. Samurai


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