The Pursuit of Ethnic Diversity Amongst the Eldership

John Piper writes an article with the intention of explaining Bethlehem’s explicit pursuit of ethnic diversity amongst her eldership.  Interesting read, provoking thoughts.  Go here.

Gospel Order and Racial Reconciliation

True racial reconciliation is an overflow of the new creation which finds its life in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  On His cross, the particularity of Christ’s sacrifice had nothing to do with race, economic status, political affiliation, region of the world, or degree of sinner; there Jesus became a curse for those justly cursed; the nations were the object of His desire, and out of them the church consisting of those who trust in Him alone for salvation from and with God.  The division that occurred amongst men in the fall of man, Christ is now reorienting around reconciliation to God.  For when one is reconciled to God, it then becomes possible for one to be reconciled with men in general.  What this means is that nothing aside from the reconciling power of the gospel can bind human distinctives, for when one is united to the perfections of Jesus Christ, he is united to the vitality of Christ’s life, and being so united we are called a new creation;  all who have become this new creation in Christ have also become one new man in place of the two opposing creatures with a variety of distinctives; the distinctives remain: black and white, rich and poor, republican and democrat, “Johnnie Moral” and Hitler, etc., but they all become as nothing with regard to divisiveness when those so distinguished have alike come to the cross of Jesus Christ in faith embracing His perfections.  And as Christ is the exclusive way to be reconciled to God, so then Christ is the exclusive way of men being reconciled to one another; this is what Jesus has done and is doing; His gospel of grace is the only hope for racial reconciliation.  Christ is reorienting believers around those eternal absolutes, around the soul of man rather than the color of his skin or the car that he drives.  He is bringing His creation to the lens of gospel order.  Let us submit to it, seeing no longer those points of subjective inferiorities that are passing away as quickly as your own life, but rather approaching the cross one with another, communing with one another in this objective reality – in Christ there is no longer Jew and Gentile (etc.) but only brother and sister, only Christians who by grace have been reconciled to God, and thus have a gospel mandate to be reconciled one to another in Jesus’ name.