Does Satan Really Exist?

I gave Mark Driscoll a bit of grief in his interview with D.L. Hughley, perhaps more than I should have.  In this panel discussion, however, Driscoll does a wonderful job with the questions presented and takes a clear stand against much of the clear inconsistencies of his opponents, especially those of Deepak Chopra.  In his comments, Driscoll brings forth moral accountability and faith in Christ as the remedy to that moral problem.  Chopra seems to want to cut the legs out from under “faith” as that which is contrary to reason; in this regard, his argumentation falls woefully short, for biblical faith is neither contrary to reason, nor in any way a blind leap, but also a solid, concrete state of being and of living in relationship to God and His law, that is, no longer under the law for condemnation, but in Christ having the righteous requirement thereof fulfilled in us, and thus we say that faith is a state of being in which we are no longer under that guilt and condemnation of God’s law, but in Christ – who perfectly fulfilled it for us – it is accounted to us, and it becomes our delight to obey for it is nothing less than loving the infinitely valuable God, the overflow of which is loving people.  Anyway, watch the intriguing video here.

Hughley Interviews Driscoll on Sex

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From the ‘On Faith’ panel at the Washington Post. Panelists include Charles Colson, Al Mohler, Kathleen Flake, N.T. Wright, Willis Elliott, Cal Thomas, Deepak Chopra, and Michael Otterson, and from them, a myriad of perspectives, some biblical and right, others culturally adapted, spiritually compromising, and reflective of the new age spirituality.