“Suited to All Their Wants”

The following quote is that of the pioneer missionary David Brainerd (1718-1747).  If you’ll note the timeline of his life, he was about 26 or 27 when he penned this in his diary, and more amazingly, is that this is the sum of his evangelism and preaching to Native American Indians who were at best slight in their absorption of the English language . . . in the mid-1700’s!  His biographer in this case, Vance Christie, shows that these were the two main emphases in his ministry to the Indians.  Be warned, no pragmatism here –

First, the sinfulness and misery of the estate they were naturally in: the evil of their hearts, the pollution of their natures, the heavy guilt they were under, and their exposedness to everlasting punishment; as also their utter inability to save themselves either from their sins or from those miseries which are the just punishment of them; and their unworthiness of any mercy at the hand of God on account of anything they themselves could do to procure His favor, and consequently their extreme need of Christ to save them.

And secondly, I frequently endeavored to open to them the fullness, all-sufficiency, and freeness of that redemption which the Son of God has wrought out by His obedience and sufferings for perishing sinners; how this provision He had made was suited to all their wants, and how He called and invited them to accept of everlasting life freely, notwithstanding all their sinfulness, inability, unworthiness, etc.

From David Brainerd: A Flame for God, by Vance Christie (pp. 86-7).

Great Sermon

By Alistair Begg on Luke 8:1-15, the Parable of the Sower which he exposes more truly as the Parable of the Seed.  Tremendous!  Download it and take a jog!

Open Air Preaching in Lima – Paul Washer

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