“What Does Roe v. Wade Actually Say?”

A post by Jonathan Parnell at the Desiring God website.  Quote belongs to John Piper from a sermon preached in 1987.  It is provided below:

January 18, 1987, John Piper preached a sermon to expose the evil of abortion. Since this sermon he has preached against abortion every year on the Sanctity of Life Sunday, which correlates with the dark anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

39 years and 50 million babies killed since this Supreme Court decision, what exactly does it say?

Pastor John:

When the American Medical Association was formed in 1847, abortion was commonly practiced “before quickening.” But through the efforts of the A.M.A. and anti-obscenity crusaders and (ironically) feminists, abortion became illegal every where in the U.S. by 1900. Abortions went underground or out of the country.

The key reversal of this legal situation came on January 22, 1973, when the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade made the following rulings:

  • that no state may make laws regulating abortion during the first three months of pregnancy except to provide that they be done by licensed physicians;
  • that laws regulating abortion between the third month and the time of viability are constitutional only in so far as they are aimed at safeguarding the health of mothers;
  • that laws relating to the time from viability (6–6 1/2 months) until the end of the pregnancy may not prevent abortion if it is “to preserve the life or health of the mother”;
  • that the “health” of the mother includes “all factors — physical, emotional, psychological, familial and the woman’s age — relevant to the well-being of the patient.” . . .


In effect, therefore, the law of our land today [in 1987 and 2012] is that any abortion is legal in America until birth if the mother can give reason that the pregnancy or the child will be an excessive burden or stress on her well-being.

We must pray to our God and take all pains in seeing legislated murder, itself, aborted.

They Poured Out Innocent Blood

A Sermon on Psalm 106.32-48 by John Piper, pastor of vision and preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Go here to read and/or listen to this sermon on the Sanctity of Human Life.

Sanctity of Life: Rescue the Perishing

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“8 Ways to Live as Pro-Life Christians Under a Pro-Choice President”

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John Piper Addresses Law Students

Blog post by Jonathan Parnell at Desiring God blog.  Questions asked and addressed include:

Would you agree with the definition that “righteousness seeks the good of the community?” How do you define righteousness?

How do developing countries counter the prosperity gospel?

How can we maintain a zeal for God’s glory throughout our work?

Should churches be involved in social issues, or just individual Christians?

What is the method of discerning whether an institution is the result of hallowing God’s name?

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The Manhattan Declaration

This is a declaration of the wider Christian conscience against abortion, the subversion of the institution of marriage, and religious liberty.  It is a must read.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, blogs about it here.

A brother, Patrick Schreiner, pulls a few helpful resources together here.

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Pitino On Trial . . . with God

This morning the news of Louisville basketball coach, Rick Pitino’s, “alleged” consensual sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher streamed across Sportcenter’s bottom line.  To make matters worse, he paid for her to have an abortion.  It was striking to watch the “matter of fact” style of reporting, and the comments made by Pitino’s attorney and the Louisville Athletic Director regarding this case.  

For those who are not privy to some of the details, Pitino is being accused by Sypher of rape on two occasions, three weeks apart, once in a Louisville restaurant, and was consequently being extorted by Sypher.  Pitino’s response to the allegations were not surprising.  He claims that the sex was consensual – which, though he is married with 5 children, is being presented as a positive alternative – and that he paid Sypher $3,000 for an abortion – again, presented as a positive choice (update: as of later this day, Pitino’s attorney said that he was offering to pay for Sypher’s health insurance – that would cover an abortion).  The stance of his attorney is that Pitino is “not the one on trial” in this case, but rather Sypher (who is in no way innocent, herself).  The Louisville AD stands firmly behind him . . . and his character, nor the nature of his conduct, nor the reality that he paid and participated in what God describes as the murder of an infant matters.  Character has been sacrificed for the sake of victories, money, and popularity.

Here is the point: whether it was rape and extortion, or an adulterous affair and abortion, these are both scenario’s of sin and impending judgment.  And while his attorney is convinced that he is not on trial, and while he may not be judged within the confines of human courtrooms, nothing could be further from the truth or ultimate reality.  “For it has been appointed for man to die once, and then comes judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).  

Pitino’s sin will be judged.  He will stand before God’s tribunal where championships, money, popularity, and persuasion, much less, his supposed and relative “morality” and “innocence” in the case will get him off the hook.  These will not save his soul.  For God is holy and requires as much, a requirement that no man has, will or can meet with perfection.  Pitino, regardless of the case, has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God as we all have, and is in need of the righteousness that God has made known in the sinless life, substitutionary death, triumphant resurrection, and intercessory ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He needs to know that he is guilty – guilty before the Almighty – and that he will be judged in righteousness, the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, the very righteousness that he must be personally clothed in in order to be declared innocent with God, that is, to be justified, to be saved.  

To this end, my desire is that my God, You, will grant Pitino repentance from sin and faith in Christ, a new life, new heart, new power and abiding principle in the Spirit and Word of God.  That he will, by Your grace, know that he is ultimately on trial, and in need of the salvation that You have accomplished and offered through faith in Jesus’ person and work.  And, Father, that You will awaken this country to the horror of abortion, the snuffing out of life, of people created in Your image – that this is murder; and that we will no longer make casual conversation about gross sins that You hate and condemn.  Turn us, O God, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.