Wanted: Apostolic Pastors, by Mark Dever

And how can we lead our congregations to enlarge their vision and be excited for gospel work in our areas?

  • Pray privately for other local pastors and congregations.
  • Set an example for our churches by publicly praying for God’s blessing on other Bible-believing and Bible-preaching churches in our area.
  • Encourage ministers of other evangelical denominations to preach from time to time in our pulpits. As occasion may arise, accept invitations to preach in theirs.
  • Invite a fellow pastor to your church’s prayer meeting. Interview him about the work in his congregation, and pray for him and his church.
  • Discipline yourself to speak well of other churches. If a warning must be given, speak with great care.
  • Be willing to encourage members who live a distance from your church to join likeminded congregations closer to their home.

There is so much you can do!

For the rest of Dever’s call for the pastors to think outside the four walls of their own church, go here.

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