My Sermon on Exodus 33.12-34.9: God is the Vision for Christian Mission

Debated on whether to put this up because I do not want to seem contrary to what I preached throughout, namely the glory and, as a consequence, the priority of God’s Name and not our own.  So if you do listen, please, please, please, remember His Name and Person, and be mobilized by His missional glory to global missions.  I am more than hopeful that my name will be forgotten in all things in order that His might be magnified before your hearts.  The main theme was this: The biblical vision of God and His glory is the unfailing vision for Christian mission.

Preached on 4.15.2012 at Huber Heights FBC.  Go here, then to the date just detailed.

Owen Strachan Articles on New England

I, along with two other brothers and our families, will be moving to Boston in September to church plant.  So anything New England is interesting to me:

“Ghosts of New England: A God-Expectant Place” — Go here.

“An Interview with Owen Strachan” at the Gospel Alliance of New England blog — Go here.

Should I Divorce My Spouse From An Unbiblical Remarriage?

Thoughts from Jeremy Pierre at the Gospel Coalition.  Go here.  Your thoughts?

Good Reasons to Stay Single . . .

A great sermon on 1 Cor 7.25-40 by one of my pastors, Ryan Fullerton.  A necessary balance to the evangelical mind on marriage and singleness.

Go here.

Got to Get You One of These — Unless . . .

The Lord gifts you for Kingdom-advancing singleness.  Still, my wife is a brilliant mercy from the Lord to me.  This is from my diary last night:

Was strangely warmed in heart at the word’s of my ever-maturing wife.  Wisdom and biblical beauty have become her consistent adornment.  This evening she spoke to me of many prayers on my behalf, prayers that I confessed to her had been wonderfully answered even within hours of her asking.  Of peculiar warmth was her admonishment to feel with sinners, to be burdened by their sin, to distinguish between the love of preaching Christ’s Word and loving those to whom I preach.  This was a coal, I think, plucked from the very bosom of Christ.  Oh, it does glow still.  What a kindness the Lord has shown me in giving her to me as a precious stewardship.  She is a brilliant corrective and balancing beam for me.  And of late, the Lord has made use of her as a gentle spur in many the hearts of men and women, most of all mine.  May the Lord prosper His work of grace in her.  It cannot but lead to more and more fruit for His glory.

Paul’s Letter to the Romans in 45 Tweets

Posted by Jonathan Parnell at Desiring God.  Go here.