Partakers of the Divine Nature

The soul that is joined to Christ is quickened with a divine life, so we read in 2 Pet 1.4. Where believers are said to be partakers of the divine nature: a very high expression, and warily to be understood. Partakers of the divine nature: not essentially; so it is wholly incommunicable to the creature, nor yet hypostatically, and personally; so Christ only was a partaker of it; but our participation of the divine nature, must be understood in a way proper to believers; that is to say, we partake of it by the inhabitation of the Spirit of God in us, according to 1 Cor 3.16, 17. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” The Spirit, who is God by nature dwells in, and actuates the soul whom he regenerates, and by sanctifying it, causes it to live a divine life: from this life of God the unsanctified are said to be alienated, Eph 4.18, but believers are partakers of it.

John Flavel, The Method of Grace, 89, vol. 2 of 6.

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