Blog Day Friday

I figure if I keep pushing this back throughout the week, eventually I will land on Monday again . . .

Here goes . . .

This 2003 Desiring God Conference message was highly recommended to me.  Haven’t listened yet, but its Sam Storms and its about Jonathan Edwards and its titled Joys Eternal Increase — has to be great!

Another message, this one by David Platt on 1 Timothy 2.8-15, a highly controversial passage known as the “women saved by childbearing?” passage.  Platt says what is laughable to the world is essential to the church.

Rachel Held Evans has been asking people of various religions and, apparently theological systems, to answer the pertinent questions of others.  Here, Justin Taylor is the subject of “Ask a Calvinist?”  Great read.  Also recommend the links within his answers — some shocking!

Over at Desiring God, Jonathan Parnell tells us What the World Needs to Be Told.

And, Justin Taylor talks about Inerrancy and Infallibility through the mouth of John Frame.

Hope you have a blessed Friday; may the Lord grant your mind light and your heart a corresponding warmth as His Word and Spirit preach to you this Sunday.



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