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I recently joined the tweeting world.  I have heard arguments on both sides — “it’s a waste of time” and “it is helpful for this reason and seven other reasons.”  While I love the brothers on both sides, my two day experience with it has caused me to lean in the latter, more positive direction.  I’ll give two quick reasons why.  (1) Most people use it egotistically.  They use it to advance the glory of their own name with tweets like “just cut my finger nails — thought the world would want to know about it!”  So, I say, God will reign supreme over all things, Christ is redeeming all things to that end — why not advance His name and glory on the twitter feed as a show of Christ’s marvelously redemptive work.  (2) I have found myself encouraged time and again by the words of others.  How many times have you listened to a 45 minute sermon — you know it was a good sermon — but all you remember is one sentence, one heart-piercing sentence that made you stop and think and meditate and experience some helpful communion with God in His Word.  A tweet can be that one sentence.  Piper puts it like this —

The sovereign Lord of the earth and sky
Puts camels through a needle’s eye.
And if his wisdom see it mete,
He will put worlds inside a tweet.

Already I have been helped, encouraged, exhorted, challenged, and moved to pure and noble thoughts by the 140 character sentences of others.  So, these are two reasons why it is ok if you want to join the tweeting world.

For more thoughts on this go here, here, and here.

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  1. Boooooooooooooooooooooo…just kidding I don’t really care. I would be in 5-10 years I will be on it, that is if it is still around.

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