The Importance of Being Humble in Mind

When the mind of the hearer is good and gracious, it easily assents to the speeches of truth.

Chrysostom, Hom. 26. in Mat., quoted in John Flavel, The Method of Grace, 6, vol. 2 of 6.

Flavel’s words in accord with this allusion,

I know the agreeableness of such discourses to the pious dispositions of your souls, is of itself sufficient to make it welcome to you.  It is a treatise of Christ, yea, of the Method of Grace, in the application of Christ; than which no subject can be more necessary to study, or sweet to experience.  All goodness is attractive, how powerfully attractive then must Jesus Christ be, who is the ocean of all goodness, from whom all streams of goodness are derived, and into whom they all empty themselves?  If Pindarus could say of the lovely Theoxenus, that whosoever saw that august and comely face of his, and was not surprised with amazement, and enflamed with love, must have an heart of adamant or brass; what then shall we resemble that man’s heart unto , that hath ferverous affections kindled in it by the incomparable beauty of Christ.


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