As John Owen opens up our communion with the Holy Spirit, having already advanced many wonderful and difficult truths, and now happening upon what it means that the Holy Spirit is the seal set upon us unto the day of redemption, comes to this humble sentence,

I amnot very clear in the certain peculiar intendment [intention] of this metaphor; what I am persuaded of the mind of God init I shall briefly impart.

John Owen, Communion with God, 242, vol 2 of 16.

That is, he will only impart what he is persuaded of himself, that it is the mind of God.  May the Lord grant us the humility of the mighty puritan who would, in his dying days, refer to himself as Christ’s “poor under-rower.”  May we be careful to write, teach, preach, converse upon what we are persuaded is the mind of God in the Scripture.


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