All the Treasures of Wisdom, Part 1

In On Communion with God, John Owen undertook to show Jesus Christ as the treasury of all true and divine wisdom in order to secure the affections of our hearts for Him.  As there is much that Owen wrote worth setting before you, I will consign myself to “parts.”  This is part 1:

It is not, I suppose, any difficult task to persuade men, convinced of immortality and judgment to come, that the main of their wisdom lies in this, even to find out such a righteousness as will accompany them forever, and abide the severe trial of God himself.  Now, all the wisdom of the world is but folly, as to the discovery of this thing.  The utmost that man’s wisdom can do, is but to find out most wretched, burdensome, and vexatious ways of perishing eternally.  All the treasures of this wisdom are hid in Christ; he “of God is made unto us wisdom and righteousness,” 1 Cor 1.30.

John Owen, Communion with God, vol 2 of 16, 105.


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