Rest, Holy Happiness, and the Unveiled Manifestation of Christ

It is a striking circumstance that each of the three great Puritan divines wrote a treatise on the subject of heaven, and that each had his own distinct aspect in which he delighted to view it.  To the mind of (Richard) Baxter, the most prominent idea of heaven was that of rest, and who can wonder, when it is remembered that his earthly life was little else than one prolonged disease?  To the mind of (John) Howe, ever aspiring after a purer state of being, the favourite conception of heaven was that of holy happiness.  While to the mind of Owen, heaven’s glory was regarded as consisting in the unveiled manifestation of Christ.  The conceptions, though varied, are all true; and Christ, fully seen and perfectly enjoyed, will secure all the others.

Andrew Thomson, John Owen: Prince of Puritans, 121.

The last sentence is most true; still, what gleam of light of that diamond of glory captures your heart and attention most?  I find myself speaking and thinking most in terms of Howe and Owen’s emphases.


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