May God Be So Gracious To Us

Long it has been an excuse for many how their decline in Christian ministry is due to their advancement of their age.  It is as if the long lives of many imminent saints, biblical and historical, are akin to eclipses that are exceptional when they occur though that occurrence be seldom.  I will not argue that gospel ministry should increase as one grows older, for aging and the limitations of both body and mind are the terrible consequences of sin.  Nevertheless, I would seek to encourage not only the elderly saints but all saints by God’s preservation of Moses.

In Deuteronomy 34.7b, it is written that though Moses was 120 years old when he died, yet his eye was kept undimmed and his vigor unabated.  That struck me sweetly a few days ago and the fragrance of it has stayed with me.  Moses, of course, was a minister of God and the great but imperfect mediator between God and the people of Israel.  His congregation was a most difficult lot.  The vast majority of the “congregants” were unregenerate people.  Only Caleb and his children, and Joshua and his family, and the children of that present evil generation of Israelites, would enter into the Promised Land.  They were stubborn, stiff-necked, rebellious.  They grumbled against his preaching, spat upon his leadership, and fornicated with other gods and peoples.  While he is up in the glory of communion with God, they are falsely worshipping a golden calf made with their own hands.  Moreover, Moses did not have the benefit of a well-structured church facility.  He did not have a beautiful pulpit, or a choir loft, or church programs.  He did not have a church van or a skilled softball team.  Many of the things that we clamor for as necessary and essential to the task of ministry, Moses did without, only he had personal communion, intimate fellowship with God, talking with God face to face.  And, that was more than enough.

But this is about God’s gracious preservation of Moses’ physical and ministerial vigor.  In spite of the difficulties that marked his tenure and stewardship, and the divine knowledge that this people would break covenant with God, and that they would be cast off into exile; in spite of his wilderness wanderings and the many heartbreaks of ministry (see Korah, Aaron and Miriam, his own misguided action, etc.), yet God preserved him for the task that God had called him to.

Brothers and sisters, as you are saints, so you are being equipped to do the work of ministry until the whole church comes into the full maturity of Jesus Christ.  We all have a gospel ministry, a heavenly stewardship.  I would urge upon us all the ideal of increased ministry as the years do pass so quickly by.  And, I would urge upon us this initiative in prayer to God: “Oh, God, would that You who called me by Your own Name and the glory of Christ, would that You also preserve me for gospel ministry, would you graciously uphold the light of my eyes and the vigor necessary for the task that You have assigned for me.  As time does pass, I trust that You will help me to know You and see more of Your glory, and I ask that, if it be so, You would match that increase in sight of You with an increase in zeal and vigor and love for the work of the ministry which bears the Name of Christ Jesus.”

Moses was 120 years old when he died, yet his eye was undimmed and his vigor unabated.  May God be so gracious to us . . . for His own glory and Name’s sake.

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  1. I’m 58 and needed your message today….I feel so old but I’m not like moses 120 year old. God bles you for blogging so many years.

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