The Puritan Library

This link was sent to me this morning.  It looks terrific, — although I just can’t seem to shake that love for the crackle of a binding and the scent and happy stiffness of the turned page.  But, perhaps, that is just me.  Check it out!  It includes the works of these and more . . .

Adams, Thomas (1583-1652)

Ames, William (1576-1633)

Bates, William (1625-1699)

Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)

Bernard, Richard (1568-1641)

Bunyan Ministries (1628-1688)

Bunyan Online Library (1628-1688)

Charnock, Stephen (1628-1680)

Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758)

Foxe, John (1516-1587)

Goodwin, Thomas (1600-1679)

Goodwin, Thomas: (blog)

Gray, Andrew (1634-1656)

Guthrie, William (1620-1665)

Howe, John (1630-1705)

Love, Christopher (1618-1651)

Manton, Thomas (1620-1677)

Mather, Cotton (1663-1728)

Mather, Cotton

Owen, John (1616-1683)

Perkins, William (1558-1602)

Shepard, Thomas

Works of William Perkins

Turretin, Francis (1623-1687)

Watson, Thomas (c. 1620-1686)


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  1. This is such a good resource!

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