More Than a Clementine

I have written upon this before, but I never tire of the subject, nor noticing the fact of it in my son — how he has been made, like all peoples, by God with an appetite that perpetually seeks to be satisfied.  And, in some instances we observe that this design is manifest in greater and lesser degrees, or that this appetite for the greatest thing is observable when, for instance, my son loses any taste for something that he previously longed for because something else much greater has caught the attention of his heart such that the former thing has become as though tasteless.

I observed this, again, a couple of days ago concerning a clementine, one of the sweetest of tropical fruits.  And, the greater object of delight was, once more as usual, his mother.  Thus, a saying has been formed that is almost synonymous with his love for his mother, “more than a clementine.”  “Luke, do you love mommy?”  “More than a clementine!”  That is, his love for his mother is a greater affection than that for the sweetest of tropical fruits.  Now, a clementine is sweet, bursting with sun-sprinkled flavor, juicy and even refreshing.  And, this he greatly enjoyed until a new and greater affection appeared in the kitchen behind me as I held this fruit to his mouth.  Then, I might as well have been attempting to shove refuse into his mouth — he wanted nothing of it!  He only wanted to be freed from his high-chair in order that he might fly into the arms of “momma.”  “More than a clementine!”

As Christians, we have come to know, by grace, that greatest of objects and all delights.  The new birth infuses a new principle of life and a new affection for God that previously did not exist.  As unregenerate people, we moved from one thing to the next never being satisfied by any one thing but always having to go back to former things or add new things to the former things in order to intensify our pleasure — and still this must be added unto until we are full bore into worldly pleasures and sins.  But God, being rich in mercy, made us alive from the dead — by grace we have been saved!  And this divine and resurrecting grace arrives through the Spirit-empowered gospel, God enters the kitchen so to speak!  He becomes “more than a clementine,” more than the sweetest of sinful, and ultimately damnable, pleasures.  For these are fading away but there are pleasures at the right hand of God forevermore, not to mention the greatest Treasure, God Himself.  The clementine’s of this world lose their succor entirely, and when that sweetness begins to tempt our old sensibilities, we need most of all to be reminded of the God who is our forever and exceeding joy!

May the Lord be to you this day “more than a clementine.”  May your affections for God be most highly aroused by His saving work applied to you.  May you be greatly helped to walk in holiness, for holiness is the evidence of such new and great affections.  “Delight yourself in the Lord.”  Seek to “appear before God,” to “dwell in His house forever.”  “Pant for God” as “the deer pants for the waters.”  Look beyond the pleasures of this world, beyond the one offering it to you, into the Word, into Glory, to Christ, and to God, and there diligently seek the joy that springs from him as endless waters from an everlasting fountain.

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