How the Gospel Saves Christians

When believers know and love and live on the meat of the gospel, we will be so gospel-filled and gospel-shaped and gospel-dependent and gospel-driven and gospel-hoping and gospel-joyful that no one will need to tell us why we need to share the gospel or how to share the gospel.  We will be so thankful and so desperately, day-by-day dependent on the gospel for our own hope of eternal life, and our own sanity, and our own stability, and our own marriages or singleness, that it will be impossible not to know that people need the gospel and why they need it and how it relates to their biggest needs – because we know we need it, and why we need it, and how it meets our biggest needs day by day.

– John Piper


One Response

  1. Great quote. Sounds as if John is making the case that such a one who is so Gospel saturated will have the very core of their being so shaped by it that it becomes interwoven within very identity – thus making sharing the Gospel a natural extension of themselves. Who knew? Yet it’s so easy to just say…and so we need the daily reminders.

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