Christ, Full of Excellencies

Still reflecting on a sermon that I heard at church last Sunday on 1 Peter 2:1-11.  In that passage, Christ is called a living stone (rejected by men), chosen and precious (in the sight of God).  Now, think about that fact for a moment.  Christ is pressed upon us as chosen and precious in the sight of God.  One more time, when God casts the eyes and heart of divinity upon Jesus, Jesus is declared precious.  If Jesus is precious in the sight of God, ought we not to find Him incomprehensibly glorious?  Indeed, this same passage calls Christ One who is worthy of our praise, that He is excellent to those who by grace have been brought out of darkness into His marvelous light; that is, those who by grace have seen Jesus ought to know how excellent He is insofar as divine revelation grants, and it grants more than we could glean in a single life time.  In fact, it appears that we have been saved with this express purpose: to bear witness to, to proclaim the excellencies of Christ.  Now it is not an excellency, but excellencies.  Now, this brings us to a point of practicality: if Christ is full of excellencies, precious in the sight of God, and we have been saved to proclaim as much, then why is it that we speak of and live for Him so little, bearing, at best, a minimal testimony to Christ and Him crucified?  The answer is quite simple: the reason that we speak of and live little for Christ is because we perceive little of Christ; should we perceive Him who saved us to be surpassingly excellent, then we would proclaim Him with great fervor. It is no fault of God’s revelation that we perceive Christ to be less than excellent.  The fault sits squarely upon our shoulders.  Everything that we perceive to be excellent we parade about in a marvelous manner.  For this reason, I speak frequently of my wife, of my son, of those whom I love and find to be excellent in a variety of ways.  I am found speaking of Clemson athletics (woe is me!), of the latest episode of NCIS, and of the latest book that I’ve read.  I perceive them to be excitable things.  So it is when I behold something of incredible beauty, or something of great personal value, something that has had a profound effect or impact upon my life.  But nothing is more excellent than Christ – God finds Him precious to behold!  And the biblical portrayal of Christ is nothing less than uniquely and divinely compelling.  Aside from the massive undercurrents of OT buildup, I would just pose a few questions for you as a believer that, I hope, might direct your gaze upon the excellencies of Christ.

Do you know saving Truth?  It is Christ.  What of saving Life – sinless, spiritual, resurrection, eternal?  It is Christ.  What of the Way unto God?  It is Christ (John 14:6).  What of your wisdom?  Has not God made Christ to be our wisdom?  What of our Righteousness?  Christ is the Lord our Righteousness.  What of sanctification?  It is Christ.  What about redemption?  It is Christ.  What of the content of all boasting and glorying in God?  Is not Christ preeminent (1 Cor 1:29-31)?  Have you seen the light of the knowledge of the glory of God?  Where, I ask you?  In the face of Jesus Christ (2 Cor 4:6-7).  Have you any hope of glory, of glorification?  Is Christ not Him that you wait upon?  Is Christ not the pattern of the new man (1 John 3:3)?  Do you desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit?  As He lives to glorify Christ, would you not then glory in Christ as evidence of His indwelling and practical filling (John 14-16)?  Have you any hope of salvation?  It is Christ.  Any hope of seeing God?  It is Christ (John 17, 1 Pet 3:18).  This could continue for an eternity.  I only set forth a glimpse.  Christ is excellent and full of excellencies.  Drink deeply from the biblical well, let your roots fathom the infinite soils of Christ’s richness, be filled with the contemplation of His saving excellencies, and you will proclaim them.  May God grant us all grace in earnestly desiring to know Christ and so make Him known.


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