A Model for Christian Women: Jerusha Edwards

The following are some quotes from Jonathan Edwards, Brainerd’s Life, where he expresses some of his and Brainerd’s thoughts on the Christian spirit and service of Jerusha Edwards (Jonathan’s daughter and Brainerd’s close friend).  She was all of 17 when she passed away, and therefore but 17 when such things as these were written of her by great and pious men:

She was a person of much the same spirit with David Brainerd.  She had contantly taken care of, and tended him in his sickness, for nineteen weeks before his death; devoting herself to it with great delight, because she looked on him as an eminent servant of Jesus Christ.  In this time he had much conversation with her on things of religion; and in his dying state, often expressed to us, her parents, his great satisfaction concerning her true piety, and his confidence that he would meet her in heaven; and his high opinion of her, not only as a true Christian, but a very eminent saint; one whose soul was uncommonly fed and entertained with things that appertain to the most spiritual, experimental, and distinguishing parts of religion; and one who by the temper of her mind was fitted to deny herself for God, and to do good, beyond any young woman whatsoever that he knew of.  She had manifested a heart uncommonly devoted to God, in the course of her life, many years before her death; and said on her deathbed that she had not seen one minute for several years wherein she desired  to live one minute longer for the sake of any other good in life but doing good, living to God, and doing what might be for his glory.

David Brainerd: A Flame for God, pp. 308-09, by Vance Christie (emphasis mine)


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I listened to a sermon on David Brainerd this afternoon which got me interested in researching Jerusha. What an amazing legacy to leave – I can’t imagine being remembered that way. I’m going to share this quote on my blog as well.

  2. que hermoso lo de jerusha asia david en el señor gracias por su ejemplo de vivir en el señor

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