Quotables from Thomas Watson on Christ’s Mediatorial Offices: Prophet, Priest, and King

“Were it not for Christ’s manhood, the sight of the Godhead would be formidable to us; but through Christ’s flesh we may look upon God without terror” (Watson, A Body of Divinity, 162).

“Admire the glory of he Mediator . . . The temple of Solomon within was embellished with gold; travellers, as they passed along, might see the outside of the temple, but only the priests saw the glory which sparkled within the temple; so believers only, who are made priests unto God, see Christ’s glorious inside, the Godhead shining through the manhood” (Watson, 165).

“A man can no more by the power of nature reach Christ, than an infant can reach the tip of the pyramids, or the ostrich fly up to the stars” (Watson, 170; concerning why we need Christ as prophet).

“The cross was a pulpit, in which Christ preached his love to the world” (Augustine, quoted in Watson, 175; concerning the affection of Christ our priest to us sinners).

“Christ prays for nothing but what he has power to give.  What he prays for as he is man, that he has power to give as he is God” (Watson, 180).

“The saints persevere in believing, because Christ perseveres in praying” (Watson, 183).

“(Christ’s) regal rod has honey at the end of it” (Watson, 188; concerning Christ’s kingly rule by love towards His subjects).


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