“A Wee Little Man Was He”

The Lord has been exceedingly kind in attending His Word with grace, as I have continued to plod my way through Luke’s Gospel.  After many months of little affection, the teaching of His Word has been accompanied with such divine help that there has seldom been a Tuesday morning where afterward I have not been met with at least one man under great distress or concern for his soul.  Praise God, today was no different.  I spoke with a man, his name matters not.  The divine presence was certainly attending.  I found myself amazed at what drew him to concern for his soul, and the thought that God was willing to save him.  It was in mentioning all of the strikes against Zaccheus, all of those reasons which seemed to be a hindrance to salvation.  But it was not the sinfulness of Zaccheus, nor the difficulties that come with much money; it was not the fact that he was a Gentile, no!  That which the Spirit of God used to stir this man’s affections was that phrase, “he was small of stature.” This individaul is 5’7” or less.  When I mentioned that Zaccheus was physically unimpressive, quite unlike Saul or Absalom, but weak, and an unlikely warrior in the eyes of men; and yet, that God has chosen the weak and the despised of this world to be the heirs of salvation (1 Cor 1:18-30) – this was used of God and applied by grace to work in his soul.  He told me, “When you said that Zaccheus was short, and that God delighted to save the unimpressive, I thought to myself, perhaps He is willing to save me.”  I could not help but smile at the grace of God.  Zaccheus was a “wee little man,” and my friend identified with that weakness; and God’s grace loomed incredibly large.  I cannot say that he was regenerated; but when pressed with decision, whether he would reject Christ in sorrow (like the rich young ruler, Luke 18) or come down from the sycamore in order to receive the Lord with joy (like Zaccheus, Luke 19), he appeared to be in anguish, even doubling over in what appeared to be great pangs of soul.  It is the freeness of the Gospel which stuns him so; it is hypocrisy on the lips of supposed Christians which supplies his undue patience in falling out for Christ; he thinks he must clean himself up before coming to Christ, for he doesn’t want to be like these; and though I labored to show him that God imparts new life to the soul upon salvation and that God would then give him all that he needed for life and godliness, yet he balked some four times; and so I was distressed, but hopeful; oh, that the Lord might continue this divine work and make me earnest in prayer for this man; and may He grant sovereign grace, and that saving call, “Insert name!, come and hurry down from there, for I must stay at your house today.”  May the Lord delight to save another “wee little man.”


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