Notes on the Book of Job (With an Eye to Biblical Counseling)

The opening paragraph to my notes (just placed in “Other Writings” tab above):

“What follows are the notes that I took as I read through the book of Job.  As it was with the purpose of gaining insights for biblical counseling from the book of Job, the notes are slanted that way.  I hope that they might be of some encouragement to you, and that by them you might be directed to the biblical text itself, and to the magnificent revelation of God by which grace you will receive eyes with which to see Him and so be overcome by His meticulous wisdom, providence, and purpose – even with, in, and through your suffering.  For a less choppy, and I hope, clearer presentation of insights for counseling from the book of Job, see my paper on the subject which is largely derivative of these notes.  If you are wondering why bother with these notes, I submit to you that they include more than I was allowed to fit in the final form.”

The final paper will be posted tomorrow for anyone curious – it’s simply too late, and I need to go to bed.

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