Samurai Letters Updated – 4/7/10

I would encourage all who know “the Samurai’s” to remember them as you pray, as I certainly am speaking to myself also lest I too forget their love for Christ manifest in the laying down of their lives in order that they may bring life according to God’s effectually saving work.  I would also encourage anyone, who having read these letters or else knowing them personally, to take part in writing them letters.  If you would like to do so, you can put that letter in the reply box related to this post.  I will then take them and place them with the rest.  They would be very appreciative of this manifestation of love, as also we should take heart by their own example of faith working through love.


One Response

  1. Dear Samurai’s,

    I don’t know y’all personally, but I heard Mr. teach right before y’all moved and I still remember the confidence I felt in the Word and in it’s Author! Thanks for making such a commitment to your calling.

    In Him,
    Matt Thomas

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