A Paper on Psalm 8

Recently wrote a paper on Psalm 8.  I have added it to “Other Writings.”  It does lack the bibliography.  A synopsis: This Psalm is a beautiful song of respite from David in the midst of great turmoil.  God is concerned for the display of His glory.  He had given man a gracious and indispensable role in the advancement of that display until it filled the entire earth.  On account of the Fall, Adam and Eve lost their ability to perform this task in original righteousness.  Indeed, man, in their rebellion, are concerned not with advancing God’s glory but with opposing the display of it, particularly as it will be manifest through the Davidic king.  As David reflects on the fallen state of man, the plan of redemption through his line according to the promise of God (2 Samuel 7), and the creation mandate, he looks beyond himself to a time when humanity will have their dominion restored to them through his descendant.  This dominion is one of the dominant themes of the Psalm, for it is by God-given dominion exercised under God’s sovereign rule that man engages that task to which he was originally called.  This restoration of dominion comes through the man, Christ Jesus (Heb 2:1-18); and thus with it, our role in extending the boundaries of God’s majestic presence through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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