John Piper’s Upcoming Leave

This letter from John Piper is one that may prove to be some of his best work, not as a literary classic but because of the intent and content of his application.  There is no greater stewardship in all the world than that art of the biblical husbandry.  For even one’s faithfulness in Gospel ministry is derivative of faithfulness in one’s own home.  Biblical husbandry and Gospel ministry hold hands in inseparable unity.  It is well, then, that a man should attend to his wife and family, even if he has attended to this stewardship well before.  Let him be most faithful there, and God will see to his fruit both there and elsewhere.  It is also quite humbling and a thing worthy of emulation to take significant portions of time to war with sin that, perhaps due to Gospel business, has been neglected.  And, finally, the sort of trust that we find in his last line is one that we must all be reminded of in an age of evangelical rockstars – the church, its fruit, holiness, ministry, proclamation, unity, and victory, is not dependent upon any one man or group of men, but upon God alone.  Let us hope for a similar sensitivity to the workings of God upon our own souls.  May God bless this time for the Piper’s and for Bethlehem Baptist Church – as always, for his glory!


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