Love Invested With Morality

It is quite the common refrain of the contemporary American masses that love equals toleration and acceptance even of that which is morally deplorable, indeed, sinful.  This, I submit, is infinitely less than the notion of biblical love or, even, true love.  It must be said, however, that this is an easy move in the American mind that is becoming increasingly hostile to the everlasting Gospel, or the biblical portrayal and revelation of God.  Morality is no longer morality, but a matter of non-existence or extreme debatability.  All of this stems from the secular agenda of the removal of God from the modern mind.  If God can be removed, than any basis for morality can also be removed, or at least made to be a matter of pure subjectivity divorced from the objective revelation and authority of God.  Thus, morality or the lack thereof is cloaked, titled, not as what it actually is, namely, sin, but as something ironically inherent to us like genetics, the victimization of circumstance, a misstep in psychological hardwiring – I say “ironically”, for in truth, sin is inherent to us from birth.  Some simply refuse to call it such for it makes a claim of morality, and more than that, of an objective accountability to Another.  So, for example, as we make the move towards a genetic homosexuality, which it has been argued, renders a person incapable of being anything else, we might as well make the move towards a gene for murder, theft, adultery, or covetousness, such that Hitler is off the hook for being one of the greatest mass murderers of world history.  Rather, homosexuality, as well as any matter of sexual immorality, murder, theft, adultery, gossip, slander, the love of money, etc., are the sins of sin, the fruit of the flesh under sin – they are matters of morality. 

As the wage of such things is not only death, but an eternity of fiery torment, it is not loving to tolerate or accept such sin when it in fact is present in the life of a loved one or a random one.  Because God has made known the end of such, it is incumbent upon us to tell them the truth in love, to warn them of this end, of the free mercy of God so long as they live, and the provision that he has made for the forgiveness of sins and the gift of righteousness in His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Left will surely say that this truth telling is unloving, judgmental, intolerant; but this is only because they do not see the end, and they do not discern the truth; plus, it is just personally comforting to believe that you can do whatever pleases you without any kick back of morality (though this is not how the majority of people truly live).  Black is white and white is black, good is evil and evil good, love is hatred and hatred love.  And it is truly hatred and not love that would tolerate, accept, and promote further rebellion against God.  Love is a matter of morality, a matter of truth.  Love is concerned not only for the here and now, but as it is defined by God Himself in the Bible, it is concerned for that eternal state and the soul’s final satisfaction in God alone.

The death of Jesus Christ upon a tree for sinners was the supreme demonstration of divine love.  Morality was invested in this love on at least two fronts: first, the righteousness or perfect morality of Christ was the basis of this redemptive work being satisfactory to God, as by this, he offered his life as the payment of the penalty for the immorality of everyone else.  Secondly, the wrath of God poured out on His Son was a holy wrath against our immorality that was laid upon Christ.  Thus, Christ’s experience of death and wrath was an experience of God’s distaste for immorality, and conversely, love for a holiness characterized by His divine standard in the law.  Hence, this supreme act of love was invested with the issue of morality, the issue of God’s dealing with human sin.  Indeed, the Bible testifies in several places (Romans 13, Galatians 5, Colossians 3, etc.) that Christians, in following Christ’s example of self-sacrificial love, fulfill the whole law which is summed up in love.  Love is invested with morality.

Love does not equal toleration; love deals in truth and is, then, inseparably linked to that objective Word that God has given to humanity, love is inseparably linked to the redemptive person and work of that Man hung upon the cross for our sin.  Let us begin to truly love, laying down our lives also that sinners might come to Christ who so loved us by dealing with our sin.


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