Samurai Letters Updated

This dear brother and his wife have been given, in God’s providence, several opportunities to share the Gospel in a foreign land with little to no Gospel witness.  The emails and letters that they have produced (most of which are yet forthcoming) speak of the manifold grace of God in bringing sinners to them, of unbelievers in their company even speaking about the Gospel with other unbelievers, of many on the edge of conversion and of the movement of God upon their affections.  Their passion for Christ oozes in each letter, and we want to be mindful of them, God’s work in and through them, and those to whom they minister.  The most recent letter has just been posted.  It is very encouraging in keeping with their God-given character.  If you would like to send a letter of comfort and exhortation to them, please feel free to let me know by commenting to this post.  The goal is to shower them with the love of the church, to be a part of the Spirit’s work in shedding abroad the love of God in their hearts.  We want to clothe them with our gracious words and lift them up in prayer to God.  Mercy and grace does He dispense from His Sovereign throne.  Let us then join with them in their labor of love, and may God be pleased to cover that part of the earth with His glory through the preaching of Christ and the outpouring of His Spirit.

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