Suffering in God’s Economy Not Arbitrary: The Counsel of Elihu

This is another sermon, technically entitled “Job: Rebuked in Suffering”, from John Piper in 1985.  In it, he does at least two things, I think – he shows that suffering is not arbitrary, not retributive or punitive, but rather, purposeful, sanctifying, and, ultimately, curative or healing.  That is all one thing!  Secondly, there is a vindication of Job’s acquaintance, Elihu.  Many today think him synonymous with Job’s three friends, another irritator of the man Job.  Piper provides a different look into this biblical figure.  I tend to agree with his assessment on both fronts (Having recently read Job, I too found Elihu to be quite different from Job’s other friends concerning the content of his answer, and held him to be an exemplar in the poetic story; today in one of my classes, that view was challenged – hence my attendance to Pipers – and others – views on this issue).  A truly terrific sermon.  Go here to read or download and listen.

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