“Thoughts From Hawaii” #2: The Power of Biblical Clarity

My time with Pastor Todd Morikawa in Hawaii included many beneficial conversations that had polarizing effects upon my soul – piercing conviction and warm encouragement.  Both served to edify!  What I write now about those conversations is sort of a meditative conclusion regarding the effectiveness of Todd’s words.  How was he able to puncture so deeply and cleanse so thoroughly with his words?  My answer: Clarity!

The best friend of the preacher (or arguer) and his words (arguments) is biblical clarity.  I can learn from this example.  How swift I am to speak foolishly!  The Bible often deems silence to be one’s wisdom (I often regard such verses as ordained for me).  We are not admonished to be quick with our words, but quick to the Scriptures.  There is no need to spew out some half-baked, unorganized, and random thoughts; the world will not pass away on account of my thoughtful silence.  We must turn again, and again to the Word of God; we must fall again, and again on our knees in prayer; we must give ourselves over to the hard work of clarity, the difficult but nourishing task of biblical purity, the stretching of our minds and hearts as we seek to organize our thoughts in the beauty of simplicity (while maintaing deep richness), and the loving deed of considering the simplest method and form of communication.  A sermon is, in one sense, the preacher’s Godward argumentation, and it is incumbent upon us to strive for biblical clarity.  Herein, congregants are biblically informed, nourished, charged, encouraged, and equipped.  Herein, opponents are left breathless, without any manner of refutation but that which falls upon the ears as folly.  Yes, clarity, biblical clarity, the argument saturated and informed by the Bible, biblically intense, this will puncture, this will prod, this will render a man speechless before God.  But let me warn again – the exhortation hear is biblical clarity.  Where a man takes God’s Word and, by his words, clearly argues for and demonstrates the validity of that which he intends to communicate as true, there a man’s words are fitted to God’s Word, and there souls are encountered with only two options – receive as such, or reject as much.  The former knows life, while the latter displays the reality of the darkness which he loves.  So, I say, assert and set yourselves, dear brothers, to pursue biblical clarity, and the transformative power of God and His Word will have its way with the souls of men.  Let us pray for such help from God, and give ourselves wholly to the clear communication of His Word.


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