“Thoughts From Hawaii” #1: Interrogating the Text Puritanically

I understand that “puritanically” has come to be a word that is used negatively, but that is not my intention in the use of it.  I have found the Puritan’s method of interrogating the text to be quite helpful and insightful, often producing insights that  pierce and penetrate the soul with the deep wonders of God’s Word.  I am currently reading Thomas Watson’s A Godly Man’s Picture and have found his interrogation of primary texts (and of course, those complementary texts as well) encouraging; and inspiring in the sense that it develops within my soul the desire to read the Bible in much the same way – always asking the text of God questions . . . which leads to more texts and questions, etc., until you have an ocean of biblical material, understanding, and nourishment . . . on a single verse of Scripture.  So a specific encouragement: interrogate the text, or ask questions of the biblical passage that you are currently reading.

Dr. Don Whitney has provided the following questions for textual interrogation; the first set comes from the Joseph Hall (1574-1656); the second set is a group of questions provided by Philippians 4:8.


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