An Amazing Promise

In Luke 11:13, Jesus teaches His disciples that God the Father will give the Holy Spirit to His children when they ask Him.  This is an amazing promise!  It has been burned upon my heart for the last couple of weeks.  The Father loves to give the third member of the Trinity to us when we ask for Him!  Now granted, He already indwells believers on account of God’s grace displayed in the person and work of Jesus Christ; so this is a promise that assures more of Him on a practical level to the children of God, who believing Christ’s words, and the faithfulness of their sovereign Father, act upon it and ask for Him.  How incredible is this promise?

The Holy Spirit glorifies Christ in our hearts and lives; He shows Christ to be irresistibly beautiful – the greatest Treasure, altogether lovely!

The Holy Spirit leads us into truth; He illumines the Bible for God’s children.

The Holy Spirit produces fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control.

The Holy Spirit drives the Christian conscience; He beckons us to holiness.

The Holy Spirit makes us more like Jesus – He sanctifies us.

The Holy Spirit empowers and emboldens Gospel proclamation.

The Holy Spirit grants us assurance that we are children of God.

And much more.  And in this text, our Lord Jesus flatly states that our Father gives Him to us – freely upon our inquiry!  What remains to be asked is “Do you believe this?”  If so, should this not be a major part of our daily conversations with God?  That our Father would lavish us with His Spirit, for in so asking, we are assuredly asking for the benefits that accompany Him!  Oh, then, He should be our utmost desire!  Let us ask God for Him, not once, not twice – a million times would be too few!  And, oh, let us praise the Father who grants Him, and our Lord through Whom He is given.  Arise, Christians, and pray and ask for God’s Spirit; and let us observe our Father’s perfect faithfulness.


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  1. Brian,
    Check out my one blog entry where I describe the LORD’s very practical way for you to receive the Holy Spirit by “putting Jesus’ words into ‘practice.'” Blessings.

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