Gleaning #8: Humility, Humility, Humility

This is the most important lesson of the Christian life, a lesson that will never know cessation.  For it is true in some sense, that at the point one thinks that he is humble, and asserts as much, he ceases to be humble; and yet, there is a Moses, there is our Lord Jesus Christ, whom the Bible absolutely affirms, from the mouths of Moses, and again, from the word of Christ, as humble; and thus there is also a sense in which it would be prideful to assert that one is not humble contrary to the truth that one may actually be.

I do not intend for this to be much more than a word or two, but in God’s providence, through the normal activities of the day, through the precious opportunities to pray, and read the bible, to teach and/or preach, to be a Christian husband, a Christian father, a Christian brother, and friend, He humbles me.  And He often does this by, first, revealing to me my pride, and/or the central gravity of my life and thoughts and words – whether I am pulled and tugged by the desire to please man or God; and upon learning of it, I am humbled – with great thanksgiving, I am humbled.

And this must be cultivated by God-centered view of all things, prayer, and the intense contrast between God’s infinite greatness, His love, mercy, grace, justice and wrath – these He holds perfectly together – and our inherent weakness.  From where does our sufficiency or adequacy, ability or talent, the energy for precious Gospel works of faith in love – where does this come from, but from God who is gracious.  Let us consider these things.  And allow me to encourage you – pursue humility, ask God for it.  Brothers and sisters, strive for humility in all things.  God is gracious!


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