Gleaning #5: God Has Granted a Child

Three weeks ago I noticed a “Big Picture Story Bible” sitting within my bookshelf atop my neatly aligned books.  The “Big Picture Story Bible” is somewhat of a pictorial biblical theology for children – and apparently, useful for adults as well!  Thus, I became immediately curious.  I know every book on my shelf and I had never seen that one.  So with supreme intelligence I asked Jenny, “What’s this?”  She had anticipated my intricate awareness of what is and is not normal within the realm of my library, and as such, had purposely set it there for my inspection.  So she was somewhat furrowed that I had not gone along with her plan; nevertheless, in her kindness, she calmly asked me to open the front of the book, and lo and behold, pregnancy strips – positive!

God has granted us a child!  Jenny is in her ninth week.  As such, the Lord has made us parents for nearly two months, and it is a joy to arise with my wife and pray for our child, to consider her and this baby in all of my thoughts, to carry them around with me in my heart all the day long.  And I praise my God, a merciful and gracious Father to us, right and wise in all His ways; and my Lord Jesus Christ through whom I know Him; and the Spirit of Christ who comforts me in my prayers, bearing witness with my spirit that our baby “lives and moves and has his or her being” in Creator God, my perfect Father.  So praise God with us, and pray for Jenny, pray for this baby, and the Lord knows, pray for me.  God has granted us a child and in this we rejoice with unceasing joy!


3 Responses

  1. congrats…that is great…i knew but it is good to hear the story again

  2. Congrats Mahons! Join the great number of expecting families at IBC.

  3. Congratulations dad! It’s great to hear you guys are fulfilling Genesis 1:28. Heather and I will be praying for you.

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