A Series of Gleanings

You must pardon me for my absence, but in God’s providence, life has gently swallowed me up – but not without many wonderful wanderings through the land of the Bible, and in that pilgrimage, a great many gleanings from its eternal richness.  I don’t know particularly how many gleanings there will be jotted upon this page, but the past few weeks have brought many helpful and blessed thoughts about the things pertaining to my Lord Jesus Christ.  So, a series of gleanings will follow – they may be thoughts, sermon links, etc., but are sure to be random at the human level (though the Lord certainly knows them).  I hope that they will be helpful to you as you continue to sojourn this land in Christ in light of the guaranteed inheritance of glory divine.

Gleaning #1: A Synopsis of Luke 9:57-62

Thought: The text presents a question and an answer they may be gleaned from the three explanatory statements of Jesus.  The question: What does it mean to follow Christ (or what does the Christian life look like or – more personally – what does the Christian person prioritize and how)?  The answer: The Christian life is the life of humility amongst hostility (v. 58 cf. 10:3) that prioritizes Christ (v. 59) by proclaiming the Gospel (the kingdom of God in Christ) (v. 60) and relentlessly pursuing its advancement (v. 62).  This obviously could go much deeper at every level, and I would be appreciative of comment and discussion of these points.  I praise my God by His grace He has made Christ the epicenter of my life and its pursuit – I am racing for the only true, right and worthy goal!  Praise God!


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