Vacuuming and the Paradigms of Greek Grammar

What do these two things have in common?  Almost nothing is the quick and easy answer.  I say almost nothing because at an hour and half into my professor’s lecture on Greek Grammar the two collided and for a brief moment were simultaneously swimming about in my mind.  Thus, is their slight commonality.  And to press matters tangentially, the Lord knew the simultaneity of these two rather odd pairings before they entered my brain (so says Psalm 139:2).  Thus, we have another commonality: the amazing and meticulous omniscience of God.  But aside from these two things . . . 

Anyway, there is a point to be had here!  Vacuuming corresponds to a particular evidence of the greater ideal of loving my wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.  Thus, when the thought of vacuuming came to mind, it was propagated by the greater reality – loving Jenny; and the Word of God attested to it, as well as the Spirit upon my conscience, saying, “Ah, here is a tangible way to practice love for your wife and reflect the Gospel!”  Simple enough – unless, like me, the desires of your flesh are still operative (even while the Spirit in you is infinitely mightier in promoting the things you not only should but want to do as a new creation).  The temptation for me, and in this case it is a genuine temptation, is to put off vacuuming in order to memorize and recite the paradigm for Greek articles.  Now, I (as odd as it sounds) wholeheartedly recommend memorizing Greek articles, and learning Greek grammar, especially if you are going into the pastorate or some other Christian vocation.  Greek is good!  The temptation comes, however, in putting off that which most presses me as a Christian man who has the privilege of being a Christian husband: loving my wife, primarily.  The task is to do both without forsaking that which is primary – the mistake, I confess, I often make.  And mistakes are sins (or at least evidence of the pervasiveness of it; read Leviticus 5:14-6:7 lately?).  

So, fellow seminarians, and fellow Christian brothers: it is always better to love your wife than to devote yourself to hours of study under the guise of godliness – a supposed godliness by which we forsake our utmost privilege and in so doing prove ourselves to be less pious than we thought.  You will be more in line with Christ in forsaking your Greek for your wife than in forsaking your wife for Greek grammar – but if you can vacuum in love and recite Greek grammar simultaneously, well then, God bless you!


2 Responses

  1. Great word, I really enjoyed this! Let’s love our wives and parse our verbs all to the glory of God!

  2. i needed to hear this. Thanks for being such an encouragement!

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