For Education in the Church

I have a great desire to see the body of Christ as a well-educated bunch.  Not that many congregations aren’t filled with educated people.  There are brilliant individuals in the body of Christ who have majored in engineering, education, philosophy, architecture, mathematics, and the sciences.  But while such people can be highly qualified in their secular fields, they can simultaneously be impoverished in their knowledge and application of the Truth found in God’s Word.  Master minds at the computer, infants at the person and work of Christ.  It is in this latter way that my desire finds emphasis.  To repeat, I have a great desire to see the body of Christ as a well-educated bunch – in this way: that they understand the relevancy of the Christian worldview at all times and for all circumstances in all ages, so that they live this life as a citizen of the kingdom of God accordingly.  That this is real life, not some fantasy apart from “real life.”  So, my encouragement to pastors is to continue to seek the infiltration of the Word of God and the Gospel of Christ into the daily lives of God’s flock.  And to the flock, that they understand that study is not for staff only, but the very heartbeat of biblical Christianity.  Eternal life is defined as a particular sort of knowledge: a knowledge granted to us by God that we should know Him through Christ, John 17:3.  Let us do all to enamor ourselves and one another in the education that lends itself to beholding the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ – one sermon, one devotional, one book, one class, one experience, one consideration and reflection, one conversation, one song at a time.  Let us shun the cultural trend that applauds poor thinking (or none at all), and come rather to grow in the knowledge of what we profess to believe.  There our hearts, too, will be kindled.


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