On the New Covenant

The New Covenant was promised by God through the prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 31). Under the New Covenant God’s people are saved entirely by God’s grace through faith in His Chosen One, Jesus. This covenant replaces the Old Covenant which, though given by God’s grace as well, required perfect obedience to God’s Law. No fallen human being can comply with this requirement. Thus, we need something else. We need a Savior who could do this for us. In Jesus Christ, the True Israel (Galatians 3:16), the Old Covenant has been fulfilled. Believers today are counted righteous under the New Covenant because of Christ’s obedience under the Old.

The quote is taken from the “our theology” page of Kenwood Baptist Church, pastored by Dr. Jim Hamilton of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Here, the New Covenant is wonderfully articulated: both its price and application.  Jesus Christ is a great Savior!

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