“Should a Minister Officiate at the Weddings of Unbelievers?” by Russell Moore

A stern and helpful read.  Go here.


4 Responses

  1. This is extremely helpful. I do think the church should marry Christians and the state should marry unbelievers. That was such a great point about how any couple married in the church must be held accountable to their vows through church discipline, an impossibility with unbelievers. Thanks brother!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I think this is an issue where it’s clear what’s right, but it’s going to require some difficult conversations and hurt feelings to carry out. Hope you’re doing well, brother.

  3. Definitely an article to go in my files for the future. I think we too often neglect the point that we can share the gospel with an unbelieving couple in the same meeting that we tell them we cannot marry them. And who’s to say that they will not hear us again? Thanks for the post.

  4. Well done, JP – i think you summed it up well!

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