A Guest Post by Matt Click: “The Tweeting God and a Petitioning People”

The following is a brief post on the imperative and privilege of prayer based on the indicative of the existence, Sovereign nature and Fatherly character of God; while given a contemporary flair, it speaks to a most blessed activity: prayer – arguably the most important aspect of the sweetest communion with the living God, our Father in Christ Jesus.  May you be blessed by what you read, even as I have been blessed by the prayerfulness and consequent power of the man who wrote it – dear brother, Matt Click.


The Tweeting God and a Petitioning People 


If you listen closely, you can almost hear the tweets.

Beyond the Twitter outbreak in Iran and past the daily hoopla among celebrities in L.A., you’ll notice a different kind of happening. But you won’t catch it on CNN or learn of it from “Inside Edition.” 

Instead, you’ll discover it when you open your Bible. 

If God were on Twitter, what would he be doing right now? And how would this impact your prayer life—and everything else? 

Would it blow your mind to know that—if you are in Jesus Christ—God is working for your good right at this very moment? All of your pain and all the adversity is not an accident. God is not silent. Nor is he distant. Rather, he is personally and providentially involved in all of your endeavors. He is acting on behalf of those who wait on him. 

Shall such a sweet tweet not drive you to pray more fervently, more often, and with more holy zeal?

Would it encourage you to know that your heavenly Father is advancing Christ’s kingdom from sea to shining sea? He is filling the earth with his glory. He will not be stopped. No one can stay his hand. He is invincible. And the gates of hell shall not overcome! 

Shall such a sweet tweet not send you to your knees, as you wrestle on behalf of lost friends and family and even entire nations? 

Would it bless your soul to know that the Lord of the universe is singing over you with loud singing and quieting you with his love? He is guiding his sheep and protecting them and watching over them day and night. He does not slumber. Nor does he grow weary. 

Shall such a sweet tweet not propel you into the throne room of heaven and into the Master’s arms? Will you not cast off all worries and embrace him who spared not his own Son? 

Surely such tweets will not go unnoticed. And may his following vastly increase. 


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