Strive for Biblical Faithfulness

Depending upon where you are in the world right now this will either be a closing or opening thought for the day – strive for biblical faithfulness!  I do not mean for this to be so simple that it appears profound.  It is, however simple, the overflow of my heart in these days.  By “these days,” I mean an evangelical age of pragmatism, of books that seek but fail to propound the notion of true biblical “success,” of law and legalism as supposed standards of godliness, of the excessive application and adherence to the data of secular research groups, the adoption of alien strategic planning gurus, of denominational reports that in some cases encourage pastors to all of the aforementioned mistakes, of health and wealth and prosperity, of full pews and choir lofts, of busy people doing many things, of a multitude of programs and flowcharts and entertainment, of – dare I say – excellence in our ministries (an excellence that tends to exclude the rest of the body not quite so, well, “excellent”).  Brothers, preach the Word!  Love God, do not neglect your love relationship with Jesus, love the body, love people.  Live God-entranced, Christ-centered lives worthy of the Gospel of Christ; strive for biblical faithfulness, endure in this, and be patient with all joy – and whether none or one or ten million are converted by God as a result of these things, you will have been truly, biblically successful.  Know Christ and make Him known, and He will be glorified.

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