Ideas for Family Worship

In God’s lavish grace, I am coming to see the importance of family worship, and the fruits that may be gleaned and tasted from it.  With this in mind, I want to ask you: “What do you do in your time of family worship?”  – what have you found to be helpful, unhelpful?  You may mention time, place, method, etc.  I hope that this will be an edifying exercise and one that challenges us to pursue the biblical imperative of family ministry and worship.  Here is our general methodology:

Time doesn’t matter for us – I am constantly seeking free or odd times to administer the Word to our family.  Generally, I will pray for (with) my wife in the morning.  We have begun to read and pray through a Psalm as our blessing before dinner.  After dinner, we have been reading through the Gospels, one chapter at a time; before reading I mention that the goal of the Scriptures is Christ, and for that reason, we seek to listen carefully to the text and understand what the text is teaching us about Christ; moreover, we are seeking to be mindful of those for whom we can pray on the basis of the text, or in general; having read the text, we discuss the excellencies of Christ in it, and we pray for those who come to mind.  This takes 15-30 minutes for us – most of the time.  (Additionally, we take walks together for the purpose of finding God’s sermons in the nature around us – sermons that the Bible confirms.  Example:  we see some ants!  Then, we ask what is God teaching us in ants?  The Bible, then, teaches us that the ants preach to us about avoiding sloth – not being a sluggard!)

What are your ideas?

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  1. That’s a great method man. I wish i could say the same. Keri and I occasionally read a few chapters of the Word together and end in prayer before we tuck it in for the evening. I would not recommend this, for once we are in close range to our pillows, we are ready for sleep, and not reading and discussion. Pray for us, for it is my prayer that we will be more and more consistent in the Word and prayer together, and that Kayley’s earliest memories of our family time together will be centered around the Word of the living God and prayer to Him.

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