A Model of Puritan Evangelism

All of Christ is accepted by the sincere convert.  He loves not only the wages but the work of Christ, not only the benefits but the burden of Christ.  He is willing not only to tread out the corn, but to draw under the yoke.  He takes up the commands of Christ, yea, the cross of Christ.  The unsound convert takes Christ by halves.  He is all for the salvation of Christ, but he is not for sanctification.  He is for the privileges, but does not appropriate the person of Christ.  He divides the offices and benefits of Christ.  This is an error in the foundation.  Whoever loves life, let him beware here.  It is an undoing mistake, of which you have often been warned, and yet none is more common.

From the puritan Joseph Alleine, An Alarm to the Unconverted, in Joel Beeke’s Puritan Evangelism: A Biblical Approach, p. 19-20.  Just some light reading on a Saturday afternoon!


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