The Joy of Babies Crying

Last semester, Dr. Russell Moore (my systematics professor) spoke very personally concerning the sinners adoption as children of God in Jesus Christ, the only Begotten.  It was personal on two accounts: first, that Dr. Moore has been personally adopted by God our Father in Jesus, and secondly, has followed His heavenly Father’s footsteps in adopting children of his own.  When he reflected on time spent in the foreign orphanage, he spoke of one of those occurrences that just seems unnatural, or out of place: despite the many babies, there was no crying.  

It was silent.  The reason was neglect.  The infants had learned over time that no one answered their crying, and so they stopped hoping.  

With this in mind, I couldn’t help but enjoy the background noise during yesterday mornings sermon – babies were crying.  What might ordinarily have been thought an interruption, was a very wonderful lullaby.  It is a joy to hear a baby crying, for a baby crying is a baby with hope.  They are babies who are answered when they cry out – “I am hungry, I am thirsty, I am cold, I need changing . . . and I can’t do anything about it.  I am dependent on dad, on mom, on somebody.”  They have known fullness, satisfaction, warmth, in a word, they have been loved, and therefore, they cry in hope and in absolute dependence.  So it is a joyful sound to hear babies crying, especially in the midst of a good sermon.

And so to bring this full-orbed, is this not the way sinners are when God begins to crackle life and light in upon their hearts, granting them repentance and faith in Jesus.  Is not faith this cry of hope and dependence upon a heavenly Father?  “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord (Jesus) will be saved” (Romans 10:13).  And having become children of God through faith in Christ, must we not still now cry out to Him in absolute dependence for food, drink, life, and love.  And He is a perfect Father who gives us all things pertaining to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).  As Jonathan Edwards wrote so sweetly in “God Glorified in Man’s Dependence”, God has given Christ to us “as a feast for our souls.”

Indeed, it is a joy to hear babies crying.  Praise God for babies who cry out.  And however tragic it is that some are not filled on earth, praise God that in Christ Jesus, all whom He has adopted to Himself will in no way go dissatisfied – in this temporal life or in that which is everlasting.


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